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Euroshowers New Matt Grey Matt Black and Matt White Soft Close Soft to the Touch Toilet Seats September 27, 2020 ... [MORE]

Bank Holiday Weekend Sale! August 29, 2020
Sale on now:  Wide variety of toilet seats, parts and bathroom accessories: ... [MORE]

240 mm RTS Wide Hinge Toilet Seat Available Now! August 19, 2020
The new RTS 240 mm Wide Hinge Duroplast Slow Closing Quick Release Oval Toilet Seat is available now! [MORE]

Granite finish Toilet Seats Coming Soon! August 19, 2020
Granite isn't just for the kitchen anymore!  These Duroplast toilet seats from RTS feature a granite pattern that is finished throughout the en... [MORE]

Carrara & Matta Bathroom Accessories now in Stock! May 31, 2020
Carrara & Matta bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, soap dishes, towel rails and more available here: https://replacementtoiletse... [MORE]

Sales at Replacement Toilet Seats - Important Information March 28, 2020
We are following Government advice regarding the CORONAVIRUS ALERT and are OPEN for online ordering.  We ask for your understanding regarding d... [MORE]

Euroshowers Soap and Liquid Gel hand sanitiser dispensers now available March 06, 2020
Designed for the kitchen, shower, bathroom or hallway, these soap dispensers from Euroshowers are suitable for any type of liquid gel to dispense at... [MORE]

Carrara & Matta Push n' Clean Lucca #100117000 now in Stock! February 23, 2020
The Carrara & Matta Push n' Clean Lucca #100117000 is an easy to fit Durolux slow closing seat with ss adjustable hinges, no slip bumpers a... [MORE]

February Flash Sale on Potty Training Children's / Family Toilet Seats February 18, 2020
Visit our store for a range of integrated and removable potty training seats suitable for the whole family [MORE]

January 31st 2020 Brexit Flash Sale Toilet Seats from £9.99!!! January 31, 2020
Toilet seats in all sizes and colours in our end of the month sale ... [MORE]

February 2020 Flash Sale Toilet Seats from £9.99 January 31, 2020
Toilet seats all colours all sizes from £9.99 in our February Flash Sale while supplies last: [MORE]

Euroshowers shower head, shower hose and wall bracket shower pack £10 on sale now! January 25, 2020
This shower pack is suitable for combi, gravity, power and electric systems.  It comes with a Easyspray shower head, 150cm 8mm bore SS shower h... [MORE]

January 2020 Flash Sale Euroshowers Superlux Shower Hoses All Sizes January 23, 2020
January 2020 Flash Sale Euroshowers Superlux Chrome-Plated stainless steel shower hoses all sizes 50 cm 75cm 1.0m 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.75m, 2.0m https://... [MORE]

Early Spring Tulips have arrived for only £10! January 12, 2020
Fun novelty spring toilet seats on our site!  Check them out: [MORE]

January 2020 sale starts today! January 11, 2020
See sale prices popping up all over our site in the January 2020 kickoff sale starting today!  ... [MORE]

Next Shipping Date Friday Dec 27th December 23, 2019
Our next shipping date is Dec 27th.  We wish you and your loved ones a happy holidays and will see you then! ... [MORE]

Lombok Narrow Oblong Non-Standard Toilet Seat (440-470mm) Length 360mm Width November 13, 2019
For a longer length (440-470mm) oval / oblong toilet seat tapering at the end,  have a look at the Lombok from Wenko.  https://replac... [MORE]

Bemis Push n' Clean is new on the the scene! November 13, 2019
The full range of the Bemis Push n' Clean toilet seats are coming soon!  Suitable for the oval shaped pan these seats are easy to lift off maki... [MORE]

New range of non-training toilet seats available by Family Seat! October 13, 2019
From toddler to care seats, and everything in-between, Family Seat has something for your seat right here: https://www.replacementtoiletseats.c... [MORE]

Euroshowers 2019 mirrors now available for all styles and budgets September 28, 2019
The new range of Euroshowers mirrors are now available on our website: [MORE]

Euroshowers 2019 bathroom cabinets now available online! September 28, 2019
The new range (and returning favourites) of bathroom cabinets from Euroshowers are now available: [MORE]

We've just added the RTS Black wide hinge toilet seat to our range (also available in white) soft closing, one button quick release and adj hinges (... [MORE]

Summer Rainbow Sale on Pink and Purple Toilet Seats! September 18, 2019
Check them out while supplies last! ... [MORE]

This non-standard triangular toilet seat is now available in black. Made of hard-wearing Duroplast and adjustable chrome-plated hinges,  this ... [MORE]

Think Pink! Pink Glitter Toilet Seats for that added bit of sparkle... September 07, 2019
The RTS black soft-closing toilet seat features pink glitter infused throughout the seat: [MORE]

RTS Anthracite Toilet Seats Have Arrived! September 01, 2019
The RTS84336 Anthracite soft closing toilet seat is now available.  Suitable for most universal UK pans, this seat is made of Duroplast, has a ... [MORE]

Open Box Seats Available at 50% Off RRP August 22, 2019
View our line of discounted seats at: ... [MORE]

Euroshowers Middle D Style Back in Stock August 14, 2019
The Euroshowers Middle D Style (87810) 366mm x 449mm Hinge 120-220mm is back in stock and ready to ship.  Available in both the original a... [MORE]

Euroshowers Toilet Training Multi Seat is back in stock! August 14, 2019
The Euroshowers Potty Training Multi Seat (83030) is back in stock and ready for the kids.  With an extra seat for the chilidren, both kids and... [MORE]

The New D WIDE now available in both standard and WIDE (200-230mm) hinges May 14, 2019
The D WIDE is a soft closing d-shaped toilet seat suitable for 353mm width pans.  It is available in both the standard (114-206) and wide (200-... [MORE]

Euroshowers Opal One 83311 back in stock March 17, 2016
Euroshowers Opal One 83311 back in stock Euroshowers Opal one duroplastic toilet seat with slow close hinge and supplied with top and bottom hinge ... [MORE]

230 wide hinge toilet seats October 07, 2015
230 wide hinge toilet seats available at [MORE]

Whisper Pink toilet seats September 11, 2015
Whisper Pink toilet seats- available soon ... [MORE]

Wide Hinge toilet seats April 19, 2015
Wide Hinge toilet seat available from early May. Moulded wood seat with Chrome hinge fitting with a hinge rotation up to 230mm. Toilet Seats by Rep... [MORE]

New Prices for some Picture Seats January 12, 2015
New prices for selected picture MDf toilet - search picture seats now. ... [MORE]

Limited offer Carrara and Matta Moulded wood seat just £16.99 delivered December 27, 2014
Limited offer Carrara and Matta Moulded wood seat just £16.99 delivered. Great value moulded wood seat, fresh seat for the New Year. ... [MORE]

Free UK delivery of Family Seat in polypropylene white July 30, 2014
Free UK delivery of Family Seat in polypropylene white, see web page for details ... [MORE]

EuroShowers new range now online June 28, 2014
Euroshowers new range of seats now avilable online ... [MORE]

Galedo New Range February 26, 2014
New seat range from Galedo now featured. See the Saturne seat for a new alertnative wide hinge toilet seats. Adjusts to a maximum of 230 mm. ... [MORE]

Family Seats - discounted November 03, 2013
A small number of Family MDF wood seat in white and beech are available now online at These seats considered seconds ... [MORE]

Bemis Sta Tite Range August 23, 2013
Now featuring a full range of Bemis Sta Tite toilet seats to suit the UK market. View the range now to stop your seat becoming loose. Bemis Sta Tit... [MORE]

St George Cross Toilet Seats now in stock August 23, 2013
St George Cross finished resin toilet seats now in stock. See them at   St George Cross Seats ... [MORE]

St George Cross Toilet Seats July 23, 2013
St George Cross resin toilet seats ariving soon. ... [MORE]

White or Black Groove toilet seats May 11, 2013
White or black groove toilet seats with standard or slow close hinges. The choice is yours! Finished in white or black gloss this moulded wood seat... [MORE]

Family Seats April 08, 2013
Full range of family toilet seats available from stock. See our range at Family Seat section. ... [MORE]

Bemis Soft Cream toilet seats March 06, 2013
Bemis Soft Cream toilet seats in stock at replacementtoiletseats. Top fix only? No problem just add a well nut conversion kit to fit your new seat. ... [MORE]

220 Wide Hinges holes February 01, 2013
We now offer a seat with the non standard wider hinge holes of 220mm. See this item now 220 wide ... [MORE]

Reduced _ Beech finish family toilet seats February 24, 2012
Beech finish Family Toilet Seats. Reduced to £25.99 plus appropriate P&P. Four only sample seats now being sold off. Usual selling price ... [MORE]

Champagne toilet seats from Bemis available at February 01, 2012
Champagne toilet seats from Bemis available at ... [MORE]

Wenko now in stock at replacementtoiletseats September 16, 2011
Wenko toilet seats now in stock at replacement toilet seats ... [MORE]

Wenko speedy toilet seats September 16, 2011
Get your novelty toilet seat from wenko at ... [MORE]

Bemis Toilet seats July 25, 2011
Full range of Bemis toilet seats available at Replacementtoiletseats. Contact us if you need help. ... [MORE]

Purple Toilet Seats are back June 07, 2011
Purple toilet seats are back at replacementtoiletseats. These new resin seat are made using a high quality resin formula and are finished with Chro... [MORE]

Some New prices at repalcement toilet seats March 09, 2011
Some New prices at repalcement toilet seats. Visist our online shop and find your colour from our full range of coloured seats with some new prices ... [MORE]

Coloured Toilet seats from replacement toilet seats January 30, 2011
Coloured Toilet seats from replacement toilet seats. For a full range of colour toilet seats visit our shop pages now and get your new replacement ... [MORE]

Bemis and Celamc Toilet seats available from Replacementtoiletseats January 05, 2011
Bemis and Celamc Toilet seats available from Replacementtoiletseats. Get your best priced replacement toilet seat from Replacementtoiletseats. ... [MORE]

Happy New Year December 30, 2010
Happy New Year from Replacementtoiletseats. ... [MORE]

Merry Christmas from replacementtoiletseats December 23, 2010
Merry Christmas from replacementtoiletseats. We are working during  the Christmas period so do place your order in the knowledge that we will ... [MORE]

Christmas Delivery December 11, 2010
Please note Orders to be received before Christmas should be placed no later than the 21st December. These items will be delivered on next day ... [MORE]

Choose Celmac from replacementtoiletseats November 08, 2010
Celamc seat avialable from replacementtoiletseats/celmac ... [MORE]

Better make it a Bemis November 04, 2010
Bemis Toilet seats at ... [MORE]

Toilet seats from 19.95 delivered............. November 04, 2010
Toilet Seats from replacementtoiletseats delivered from £19.95, subject to delivery locations. Replacement toilet seats - serious about seats... [MORE]

New Seats and New Prices at Replacement Toilet Seats October 14, 2010
New Seats and New Prices at Replacement Toilet Seats.   Visit and view the new seats and best pri... [MORE]

Soft Cream Toilet seats at replacementtoiletseats October 12, 2010
Soft Cream toilet seats from Bemis Celmac or Carrara & Matta available at   Choose from Moulded w... [MORE]

Best Price Bemis Toilet seats from replacementtoiletseats September 17, 2010
Best Price Bemis Toilet seats from replacementtoiletseats. For a full range of Bemis Toilet seats with prices starting at £19.99 delivered ... [MORE]

Paramount Toilet Seats by Celamc from replacement toilet seats. September 09, 2010
Paramount Toilet Seats by Celamc from replacement toilet seats.   Now you can choose those hard to get replacement coloured toilet seat... [MORE]

Best Price Bemis Toilet Seats at Replacementtoiletseats September 05, 2010
Best Price Bemis Toilet Seats at Replacementtoiletseats.   Visit replacementtoiltseats now for your new toilet seat... [MORE]

Coloured Toilet Seats at Replacement toilet seats August 25, 2010
Coloured Toilet Seats at Replacement toilet seats.   Full range of coloured toilet seats available at ... [MORE]

Best price Bemis Toilet seats at August 20, 2010
Best price toilet seats at replacementtoiletseats. Coloured seats available including Champagne, Soft cream, Whisper Grey, and some of the not so ... [MORE]

Bemis Soft Cream Toilet Seats at 16.95 from replacement toilet seats August 01, 2010
Bemis Soft Cream Moulded wood Toilet Seats at £16.95 plus appropriate P&P from replacement toilet seats. In stock and ready for dispatch on ... [MORE]

Replace your toilet seat July 24, 2010
Get your replacement toilet seats by Bemis. Carrrara & Matta, Euroshowers, or Celamc from [MORE]

Bemis Toilet seats from Replacementtoiletseats July 22, 2010
Bemis Toilet seats from Replacementtoiletseats. Shop now at replacementtoiletseats fro your next toilet seat... [MORE]

Bemis Toilet Seats from Replacementtoiletseats July 19, 2010
Bemis Toilet seats available at replacementtoiletseats. Bemis coloured toilet seats and white toilet seats available from our shop. &... [MORE]

Replacementtoiletseats is shopwiki approved June 23, 2010
Replacementtoiletseats is shopwiki approved.... [MORE]

World Cup Football St George Cross Toilet Seats June 10, 2010
St George Cross finish toilet seats now online at replacementtoiletseats. Limited numbers of stock of these seats so be sure to get your... [MORE]

Soft Cream Wood Toilet Seats from Bemis on sale at £16.99 plus P&P May 13, 2010
Soft Cream Wood Toilet Seats from Bemis on sale at £16.99 plus P&P.   Available now from Replacementtoiletseats.... [MORE]

Bemis Toilet Seats from replacementtoiletseats May 08, 2010
Bemis Toilet Seats from replacementtoiletseats.   Replacement toilet seats carry a full range of Coloured toilet seats from Bemis. If y... [MORE]

Bemis White Toilet seats Delivered for £19.99 May 02, 2010
Bemis Moulded Wood White Toilet seats delivered for £19.99. This exceptional offer from Replacementtoiletseats should not be missed. Order y... [MORE]

Bemis Toilet Seats from £16.99 April 27, 2010
Bemis Toilet Seats. Soft Cream Moulded Wood Toilet Seats from £16.99 plus appropriate post and packing available from Replacementtoiletseats... [MORE]

Bemis Toilet seats from April 22, 2010
Bemis Toilet seats from   Full range of replacement colour toilet seats available at replacement toile... [MORE]

Bathroom Accessories from replacement toilet seats April 21, 2010
Bathroom Accessories from replacement toilet seats. see the extended range now available at [MORE]

Travel accessory? April 12, 2010
Bemis Child Potty seat is a must when travelling. This light weight useful child seat will insert into most standard pans,and giving you less time sto... [MORE]

Brass Hinge Wood Toilet Seats at Replacementtoiletseats February 24, 2010
Brass Hinge Wood Toilet Seats at Replacementtoiletseats. Wood Toilet seats in Antique Pine and Beech now available with Brass Hinge finish. Vis... [MORE]

Celamc Toilet Seats at Replacementtoiletseats February 19, 2010
Clemac Toilet seats coming soon to Replacementtoiletseats.... [MORE]

Coming soon to replacementtoiletseats - Familyseat January 23, 2010
Family seat is coming soon to replacementtoiletseats. Shorlty we will be lisitng the range of all in one stylish adult and child toilet seats... [MORE]

SAGEPAY now live on Replacementtoiletseats January 13, 2010
Replacement Toilet seats is now pleased to confirm that SAGEPAY is now fully operational on our site. Making payments faster, swifter and always s... [MORE]

New white seats at Replacementtoiletseats January 07, 2010
Replacement toilet seats have added new seat from Carrara & Matta and Bemis. The C&M Asti a seat to fit all standard pans constructed of m... [MORE]

Light pulls now available from replacementtoiletseats January 05, 2010
A new and updated range of lightpulls now available from replacement toilet seats.   Visit the light pull section on our shop page and ... [MORE]

New post and packing rates for 2010 December 31, 2009
Replacement Toilet seats are pleased to announce a reduction in their carrier cost for 2010. Where others have had to increase costs into 2010 we have... [MORE]

Coloured Toilet seats December 28, 2009
Full range of coloured toilet seats available from in stock and ready for dispatch. Our next courier collection ... [MORE]

Coloured Toilet seats December 28, 2009
Full range of coloured toilet seats available from in stock and ready for dispatch. Our next courier collection ... [MORE]

Christmas at Replacement toilet seats December 08, 2009
Replacement toilet seats is trading right up to Christmas with our last order date for delivery to Mainland UK via overnight carrier will be the 2... [MORE]

Coloured Toilet seats from Replacementtoiletseats November 26, 2009
To see a full range a coloured toilet seats available from manufacturers that include Bemis and Carrara & Matta visit our website [MORE]

Bemis Champagne Coloured Wood Toilet Seats November 12, 2009
Bemis Champagne Coloured Wood Toilet Seats, now available from stock at Following a short supply in the UK www.repla... [MORE]

Bemis Wood Veneer Toilet Seats now available November 10, 2009
Bemis range of wood  veneer finish seats are now available at This quality seat with Chrome bar hinge ... [MORE]

Coloured Plastic Toilet seats from Carrara & Matta November 07, 2009
Replacementtoiletseats have extended their range of coloured toilet seats by introducing colured seats constructed of strong durable plastic. These te... [MORE]

Royal Mail won't affect replacementtoiletseats delivery schedule October 26, 2009
Replacementtoiletseats dispatch the vast majority of seats via Courier companies and we aim not to be affected by any actions taken at Royal Mail... [MORE]

Moulded Wood White Toilet Seat £19.99 delivered September 30, 2009
Right now on you can buy a moulded wood toilet seat with a strong plastic hinge for £19.99 including delive... [MORE]

Slow Close wood Toilet seats September 15, 2009
Replacementtoiletseats are pleased to extend their range of slow close toilet seats to include two new seats with a choice of Beech or Light Oak ... [MORE]

New seats and some new prices August 21, 2009
Replacementt toilet seats have been able to add new seats to their range and have reviewed some prices to offer some of the best prices for replacemen... [MORE]

Family Toilet Seats from Bemis August 04, 2009
New to Replacementtoiletseats is this family toilet seat from Bemis. Available in white only with a chrome plate hinge. This seat accommodates the nee... [MORE]

Pastel Pink Toilet Seats now available July 29, 2009 have added the new colour of pastel pink.  These seats are a close match to whipser pink and are the wood alternativ... [MORE]

Watching Big Brother ? June 30, 2009
If your a fan of this years Big Brother and want a Red toilet seat then check out the Chicargo Red Toilet seat we have from Carrara & Matta. ... [MORE]

No need to open an account June 12, 2009
Replacement toilet seats are pleased to confirm that if you are planning to shop on our site you don't need to open an account. Just browse our pages ... [MORE]

New Colours added May 30, 2009 have added new colours to their exisiting range of coloured toilet seats. These new seats are lighter with thermoplastic ... [MORE]

Bathroom accessories pack added. 4 Piece pack for 9.99 May 30, 2009
replacementoiletseats has a limited number of these great value 4 piece pack bathroom accessories to buy. Order your now as when its gone&nb... [MORE]

Translate May 08, 2009
Using our in site feature, you can now click and translate our text into three european languages. When visiting our site look out for the transl... [MORE]

Claim your free postage and packing April 30, 2009
For a limited time reclaim your out going postage costs. are currently offering free postage and packaging of your new to... [MORE] now accept Paypal March 23, 2009
In addition to accepting payment by cheque, Replacementtoiletseats are accepting online payments via Paypal. ... [MORE]