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  1. At replacement we have sourced a range of universal replacements for non standrd toilet pans

    When considering seat measurements please note that these should be taken from the toilet pan rather than off seat.

    These measurements should be for

    Length - centre line of hinge hole to front of toilet pan

    Width - At widest point side to side

    Hinge holes - Distance between holes assuming mid hole to mid hole.

    Manufacturers normally display measurements assuming this

  2. With the Euroshowers Multi Seat there's no need for a separate toilet seat when it comes to potty training your child.  This seat is equipped with a training seat that can be  lifted to use the adult seat underneath.  Once everyone is using the adult seat, the inner training seat can be easily removed leaving a regular soft closing toilet seat.


  3. Sometimes you don't want to spend a lot of money on a toilet seat.  

    You also don't want to waste money on something that breaks after Aunt Berta and the kids stay with you for the weekend...

    This technoplast white toilet seat is durable, functional, fits most UK pans and will get the job done for a great price:

  4. When you hear the word 'gold' what is the first thing you think of?  Someone with a heart of gold?  The gold mine you hope to find someday?  Let's be honest, you went straight to Spandau Ballet...let me apologise now, that song will be in your head the rest of the day...

    BUT if you heard the word 'gold' and thought, "hey, I'd like to see some of that in my toilet seat," then you came to the right place!

    The RTS Black Gold Glitter Toilet Seat is made of duroplast with the glitter infused into the seat so you see it throughout.  This universal seat is soft closing, has a one-button release system for easy cleaning, and comes supplied with both top and bottom fittings:

    gold glitter 2

    Because you ARE gold!

  5. This new Bemis Shell Toilet seat keeps all the classic features of the original seat:

    • Moulded wood with soft scalloped edges on the lid
    • STA-TITE fittings so your seat STAYS TIGHT to the pan

    AND then adds these two beauties:

    • Soft Closing  - no more slams
    • "Take Off" hinges - twist to unlock the hinges and lift the seat off for easy cleaning!

    To be honest, the last one is my favourite.  No more wrapping a Flash wipe around your finger to clean around the hinges!  Brilliant!


  6. Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives.  The Blue Diamond Shower Curtain by RTS combines quality and style for a price that's less than actual diamonds...

    The weighted bottom hem offers an elegant drape while sewn sides and reinforced eyelets back up its durablility.  Available in 180x180, 180x200 and 240x180, these shower curtains are water resistant, machine washable and easy to iron.

    diamond blue

  7. Available in white or chrome finish, these gel dispensers are wall mountable by either screws, silicone glue or sticky pads (all included.)  Each chamber holds 250ml of liquid and is approx 21.5cm tall.  The dispensers are easy to maintain by lifting the front cover and removing the chambers for cleaning and refilling.

    soap dispenser