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  1. This new Bemis Shell Toilet seat keeps all the classic features of the original seat:

    • Moulded wood with soft scalloped edges on the lid
    • STA-TITE fittings so your seat STAYS TIGHT to the pan

    AND then adds these two beauties:

    • Soft Closing  - no more slams
    • "Take Off" hinges - twist to unlock the hinges and lift the seat off for easy cleaning!

    To be honest, the last one is my favourite.  No more wrapping a Flash wipe around your finger to clean around the hinges!  Brilliant!


  2. Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their life.  The Blue Diamond Shower Curtain by RTS combines quality and style for a price that's less than actual diamonds...

    The weighted bottom hem offers an elegant drape while sewn sides and reinforced eyelets back up it's durablility.  Available in 180x180, 180x200 and 240x180, these shower curtains are water resistant, machine washable and easy to iron.

    diamond blue