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  1. Until the self-cleaning toilet is invented (it's just lazy they stopped at the oven,) you're stuck with doing it yourself.  

    So why not make life a little easier?  The Bemis Push n' Clean series is a slow closing, top fitting Durolux toilet seat that can easily be removed with a push and lift.


    Have a look at the range online today!

  2. See what I did there?  This seat is so unique they even named it... Chester...

    Wrap-over seats have a lid that completely covers the seat. This makes them minimalistic, modern and stylish. They help to keep things neat and compact while maintaining a hygienic seat that's protected by the top lid. You've seen these on our website in a D Shape but the OVAL is new and worth a look:

    and THAT'S A WRAP!      Chester

  3. Was Huey Lewis singing about square-shaped toilet seats all those years ago?  Mehhhh, let's agree to disagree... but if you are in need of a square/rectangular shaped toilet seat to fit the length of a 405-455mm pan...check out the Bristol or Bristol Mini by Family Seat:

    bristol mini 2bristol mini 3

    A Duroplast seat featuring soft close adjustable hinges and a one-button quick release system for easy removal and cleaning.

    Take it from is hip to be square...

  4. RTS now makes a 220mm wide hinge toilet seat available in black (also in white.)

    Made of Duroplast, this oval shaped black seat is hard-wearing, comes with adjustable chrome finish hinges, has the one-button quick release for easy removal and cleaning and of course, it's soft closing.  Come take a look:

    Screenshot_20190918-123206_Docs (2)

  5. At replacement we have sourced a range of universal replacements for non-standard toilet pans

    When considering seat measurements please note that these should be taken from the toilet pan rather than off seat.

    These measurements should be for

    Length - centre line of the hinge hole to the front of toilet pan

    Width - At widest point side to side

    Hinge holes - Distance between holes assuming mid hole to mid hole.

    Manufacturers normally display measurements assuming this

    measure 2

  6. With the Euroshowers Multi Seat there's no need for a separate toilet seat when it comes to potty training your child.  This seat is equipped with a training seat that can be lifted to use the adult seat underneath.  Once everyone is using the adult seat, the inner training seat can be easily removed leaving a regular soft closing toilet seat.